Installation of computer equipment for Mana HPC.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii will be able to process larger datasets and models and accelerate existing workflows with a new cross-campus data storage platform called KoaStore. The platform is being created with a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

“KoaStore will help support and power uh the research of researchers by its high performance, its large size and its fast connection to the rest of the world. Additionally, KoaStore will help enable data analysis at a scale not previously possible on the Mana high-performance computing cluster, enabling larger simulations and discoveries,” said Sean ClevelandPrincipal Investigator and Associate Director of Cyberinfrastructure at uh Information Technology Department.

KoaStore will be integrated into the uh Mana high-performance computing cluster and focuses on supporting research in the fields of astronomy, atmospheric science, climate science, microbiome, and computing and data science.

At the service of national and local research

A disk storage bay

The new platform will also serve the national research community through a partnership with the Open Science Data Federation, leveraging uh, Pacific Region and National Broadband Research Networks. This partnership brings together national computing resources to provide high-speed storage and lower latency on shared computing resources for uh researchers.

“Public datasets hosted on KoaStore will allow researchers to Hawaiiacross the country and around the world to use the astronomical data produced by the uh Institute of Astronomy (If a),” said Curt Dodd, THIS manager at If a and co-researcher of KoaStore. “We plan to share data from cosmological simulations, a dynamic database of the entire night sky, and machine learning models of the Sun’s atmosphere and distant galaxies.”

Data from stereographically projected cosmological simulations, also known as Steps, a new method of astrophysical simulation, are an example of public datasets available for download through KoaStore.

KoaStore will be integrated into NSF the Jetstream2 cloud computing infrastructure and enable researchers to easily extend cloud computing environments to support new workflows, visualizations, and deep learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Additionally, the platform will facilitate hands-on training in data science and computer science for the next generation of researchers and data scientists through a partnership with the Hawaii Data Science Institute and the local community to provide workshops and access to classrooms.