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CHICAGO – Police departments in Alameda and Vallejo, Calif., announced last week that they will soon use Truleo’s body camera data analytics platform to automatically review and analyze their officers’ interactions. with the audience.

“Truleo is a game changer,” said Vallejo PD Police Chief Shawny K. Williams. “It allows me to deliver on my promise to our community to be more transparent, accountable and inclusive. We plan to leverage Truleo to increase respect and professionalism. This system provides insights that allow us to understand performance agents and to highlight exceptional performance and service.”

Truleo's body camera analytics platform converts body camera data into

Truleo’s body camera analytics platform converts body camera data into “Baseball Card Stats for Cops”. (truleo)

While “the overwhelming majority of police interactions are either positive or neutral,” said Truleo CEO Anthony Tassone, “we help departments highlight good policing for recruiting and retention. We also help police identify and understand negative interactions so they can be aware of and take corrective action. »

Using a subset of machine learning known as natural language processing, the platform categorizes incidents and analyzes the language used by agents, then produces performance metrics relating to professionalism and to de-escalation.

The company also notes that less than 0.1% of all body cam footage is actually analyzed in most departments.

Alameda Police Chief Nishant Joshi said he is also looking forward to using the platform to better serve the public.

“We will leverage Truleo to create QoS metrics,” he said. “These measures will allow our department to increase professionalism and our ability to defuse civilian interactions.”

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